Friday, January 23, 2009

Urban Coffee Lounge - Surprisingly Unassuming and Charming

Urban Coffee Lounge
9744 NE 119th Way
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 820-7788

I am always down to find good places to get espresso - and I especially love places with homey atmospheres, a sweet staff and beautiful artwork (see my review for Joe Bar).

A friend heard of my blog and invited me to this new shop in Kirkland. The title threw me off - immediately thinking of all the "east side" coffee shops that forever are TRYING to be URBAN.

I am delighted to say this isn't one of them. First impression was chic, clean, and modern, but didn't lack the warmth needed to get you to sit down and stay a while. There were soft couches, tables and chairs, stools and a small line waiting to order. I was greeted by two friendly baristas (one who was the owner, Alicia Miner, I realized later). After scanning through the menu, my eye caught "TOP SHELF MOCHA". I asked what it was - and as soon as I heard "Special dark chocolate" I was sold. To finish my chocolate fix - I ordered an organic chocolate cake doughnut and a piece of homemade banana chocolate chip bread, for breakfast.

The coffee was done fast and was delicious. A large is served in a cup large enough to be a SOUP BOWL which was perfect for the level of caffeine I needed this particular morning. Combined with the two chocolate breakfast items (which were yummy , gooey and happily freshly baked)I began to think in fast forward and contemplate to-do lists for the entire month...quite the sugar/caffeine high.

This company prides themselves in using freshly roasted beans, grinding them fresh for each order, throwing out all but perfect shots of espresso, making whip cream fresh to order, blended drinks use no powders and smoothies contain no corn syrup but rather 100% fruit. They are proud of their product and it shows.

With a friendly staff, beautiful decor,top notch food and drink and FREE Wifi, this cafe is one to be sure to visit when you are on the eastside.

Rating: **** (Crepes or hot breakfast choices would have made this a perfect score)


  1. was it big and did it feel comfortable enough to do work .. like homework? im always looking for places like that. your pictures are tight tho.. did you take those?

  2. Yes it was big and cozy, there were several tables of people with laptops doing homework. Also a few couches if a table isnt your style. Yes I took the pictures :) thanks, I keep practicing!