Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Belgium Phenom creates 3 Seasons, 3 Monsters & shows its Not About the Money - All on a 'Whim

You can no longer use the words "growing" or "burgeoning" when describing Seattle's dance community. We can now use words like grown, impressive, diverse, mature and can now stand next to the heavy hitters of the country like NYC, San Fran, Atlanta and Chicago.

At the forefront of this Seattle movement, is Belgium choreographer and former PNB Principle dancer - Olivier Wevers. Just freshly retired from Pacific Northwest Ballet, Wevers is focusing all of his efforts on his Whim. Whim W'him - his company - now in its second year, has gathered incredible acclaim, grants, prizes and recognition in its second year.

June 24-25 - Wevers presents ReSet - a combination of 3 masterpieces in their own right.

Monsters, back by not only popular demand, but also repeated requests - is the spoken word/dance fusion featuring the haunting, descriptive and emotional words of RA Scion from the Seattle hiphop group Common Market, paired with Oliviers heart wrenching choreography telling the story of 3 Monsters. The Monster of Society, which is where homophobia runs rampant - the Monster of Drug Abuse and how it poisons your life and finally the Monster of Abusive Relationships, and how some of us just love the pain. Each piece is haunting, jarring, touching and breathtaking in its own way. Wevers is brilliant with his ability to contort the body and express what words cannot. Scion's words help paint the picture as the dancers provide the colors and backdrop for 3 stories that will stay with you for days if not weeks.

Here is the trailer for Monster:

3 Seasons is a true reset, first debuting in 2010 - for Whim W'him's premier season, this piece contains some of Seattle's best and brightest talents. With costumes by Michael Cepress that are eccentric, colorful, imaginative and dramatic - Wevers creates a piece that takes the audience on a ride of humor, sadness, anger, attraction and admiration as he brilliantly weaves his unique movements into the amazing talents of his company. This pieces truly builds on the strengths on his dancers and creates an imagery that will have you emotionally exhausted by the end.

Trailer for 3 Seasons:

Finally, the premier piece of the evening, entitles Its Not About the Money is just that, brand new and only a few have set eyes on the final piece. I tried to get a few sneak glances during a few rehearsals but didn't see enough. What I did see was exciting and made me more that eager for this weekends debut.

Reset is THIS Friday and Saturday - the 24th and 25th at the Intiman Theater in Seattle Center. As an added treat - Saturday is Olivier's 40th birthday (he doesn't look at day over 30!)and for a small additional ticket cost, he is inviting all the audience to help with celebrate his special day, immediately after that nights show! There will be music, dancing, cake and TONS of surprises. Come enjoy the evening with Olivier, the Whim W'him dancers and some of the most Fabulous people in Seattle!

I leave you with some images of this weekends show - and urge you NOT to miss it. Not only is Olivier creating and presenting some of the most ground breaking, socially relevant and breathtaking art Seattle has seen in a minutes - but its also Pride weekend and Olivier's work transcends and challenges all labels and society-made boundaries when it comes to love with another soul.

TICKET LINK: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/168121

MUST SEE! RATING: ***** 5 Stars!

Photos by La Vie Photography