Sunday, January 9, 2011

RA Scion Lends his Words to a Whim...

RA Scion (of Seattle based hiphop group Common Market and Victor Shade fame) is branching out in Seattle Art- and lending his words to a uncommon artistic medium - Dance.

First meeting PNB Principal dancer and Whim W'him creator and director Olivier Weavers through his daughter's dance school - RA Scion had a respect for the medium and for the newly blossoming company, Whim W'him, that Weavers had created. As one of this months Dance Magazines "25 to watch", the newly born company is gaining recognition amazingly fast. It wasn't until one afternoon over coffee, that a possible collaboration between the Music/Hiphop scene and the Modern/Ballet stylings of Weavers dance company, Whim W'him was discussed and deemed possible.

Weavers company has just been named the Intiman Theaters in-house dance company when Scion and Weavers began discussing a collaboration. Weavers said he is thrilled to be opening their 2nd season entitled "Shadows, Raincoats and Monsters" at the historic Intiman. The show opens this weekend and runs just 3 days, January 14, 15 and 16th. This collaboration, both Olivier and RA Scion hope - will create cross interest in the dance and music communities. Seattle has a very distinct music fan as well as a very seasoned dance supporter - and it is rare you will find one person a supporter of both.

RA Scion has written spoken word poetry as intros to the three part Monsters piece - choreographed by Weavers. The piece exposes the Monsters that lurk in us all - each of them different - these are just 3 examples of Monsters that can take over our lives. The first Monster, Society, explores the monster of Homophobia and how two lovers have to hide who they are, and put on a different persona in public, in order to please society. RA Scion wrote stirring pieces to this and the other two Monsters, Addiction and Abusive Relationships - that bring the dance medium up to the understanding of the new audience, who may not be seasoned in watching dance and understanding the story behind the movements.

The Whim W'him dancers consist of the best and brightest in ballet, modern and contemporary and from various Seattle dance institutions, including PNB, Spectrum and Cornish College. The beautiful lines and intensity of PNB dancers Chalnessa Eames, Andrew Bartee and Lucien Postlewaite, to the raw and unchained energy and intense technique of Donald Byrds Spectrum dancers Ty Cheng, Vincent Lopez and Kylie Lewallen - the talent in this company is thick and evident with the first muscle movement. In addition to these names and more - there are amazing guest dancers and choreographers from Amsterdam, Houston and Santa Cruz ballets that lend their amazing facilities and talents to Oliviers vision.

The 1st season sold out with a week of opening night - so get your tickets to see next weekends show before they sell out. RA Scion will be there opening night to celebrate in the collaboration as well. Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for students and can be found at Come out and support this exciting new dance company, Whim W'him as well as hear RA Scion's contribution to the production.

Is this the last time we will see RA Scion collaborate with Whim W'him? No likely, RA Scion said he looks forward to integrating Oliviers Choreography in future music and video projects in this new year.

A sneak peek of the Monster of Society (Homophobia):