Friday, January 30, 2015

Photo of the Day

Homegrown - Turkey + bacon + avocado + cheddar on a French baguette

Crow - fierce & fancy Lower Queen Anne gem

823 5th Ave. N.
Reservations encouraged

We went to a Crow for the first time on a sunny warm afternoon. Had reservations (grateful we opted to do that as they filled up quickly and turned lots of people away)! We were seated at a window spot, with their large windows open it made for a lovely seat! This restaurant has a revolving and changing menu, so. Check their website to see what is in season before you go.

So pleased with the service, not too hipster or snooty but just cool enough to give you space and privacy whilst keeping the customer happy.

We started with the curried mussels, which were so amazing. Served with two crustini's they were perfectly seasoned and a great portion, and left us excited for the next course.

Next was the Green a Goddess salad. It had lovely Buttercrisp lettuce and watermelon radishes and was tossed with the goddess dressing. Soft, fresh and the perfect amount of flavor.

For our main course I had the NY strip steak. It was cooked perfectly and topped with a rich amazing horseradish chive compound butter. Laid on a bed of grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes, I let the butter melt over it all, it was pretty perfect.

We finished off the delicious meal with the chocolate truffle cake with candied coconut and homemade amaretto ice cream. I swooned and may have lost consciousness while eating it lol. The ice cream was creamy and sweet and made the perfect pairing with the rich truffle cake.

Our meal was spectacular. Don't let the prices scare you away, it's a bit pricier than average in that area because the food is better than average, plain and simple, you get what you pay for with this establishment. The drinks are strong, and they have an extensive wine selection. Only rule: be sure to make a reservation!!