Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sexy Baby - Sobering Reality of Today's Sexual Landscape

Directed by: Jill Bauer, Ramona Gradus

I was searching documentaries on HBO on demand and found this title, and admit I was intrigued.

Sexy Baby follows three females, each at different points in their lives, from different background and social circles.  Nothing in common besides the fact that they are female.

13 year old Winnifred. A progressive teen, with young hip parents, she is involved in social justice groups in her middle school, a talented gymnast and about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah.  The movie opens with her performing a poetry/spoken word performance at her school, with a troupe of others - breaking down the song Super Soak by Soljah Boy and highlights the degradation of women.

Though her parents are separated, both are very active in her life and seem to have a great open communication with her about all things, including sex.  For her 13th birthday, she is given tickets to Lady Gaga. The emotional moments of the celebration are shared, along with her mothers concerns about sending her to the Gaga concert with her friend.  As much as she values what Gaga stands for in the "Monster" movement and individuality sense - she worries about the image with her lack of clothing and makeup that she promotes.

22 year old Laura.  College student. Cheerleader. Gorgeous. Has come to the conclusion, that because of things past boyfriends have said, and because of the amount of porn available to almost anyone now a days - that she has an abnormally large labia and is embarrassed of it.  She says she feels the need to compare herself to these "perfect" women in the porn movies and therefore, has decided to get labiaplasty.  Words like "meat curtains" are something she just cant live with, and begins her consultations.

32 year old Nichole - former adult film star and stripper.  Now retired, married and trying to settle.  Her and her husband are trying to have a baby.

Her views on the industry, the accessibility and the damage it can be to young people - has totally done a 180 now that she is trying to start her own family.  Her doctor tells her she may have problems getting pregnant because of her lifestyle choice before settling down. 

The movie follows each person in their journey.  Does a wonderful job following their progression and also getting to the root of each of their growing issues and problems.  The history and shocking increase in the labiaplasty industry was the most shocking to me.  I had NO idea this was an issue that has increased 70% into women between the ages of 18 and 29 getting the surgery in the last 5 years!  The plastic surgeon likened most of it to the porn industry and the effect on society.

For me, having a daughter that is 16 - Winnie's story hit closest to home for me.  So driven, so wise and witty for her age, such strong and out spoken parents...cant go wrong, right? Wrong.  As they follow her, the problems start. Everything from sneaky video chats, to provocative photo shoots with her friends - to posting half naked photos on her Facebook.  She is banned from FB by her parents 8 times before the end of the movie.  Her language and communication with her parents changes pretty dramatically.

This is a great movie to watch with an older teenager.  Male or Female.  However the content is hardcore at times - so over 16 is my suggestion.  This is such a serious topic and such a sensitive matter for most parents/teens - this movie hits it head on, with no bells or whistles.  Just the facts and evidence from these 3 females lives.

Rating ***** - 5 stars. Excellent film - you will be thinking about it for days after watching it.  Here is the trailer:

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