Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fat's Chicken and Waffles - BEST I have had EVER

Fat's Chicken and Waffles
2726 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122                                     
27th Ave & Temple Pl -Central District            
(206) 602-6863  

From the owners of Lil' Woody's in Ballard - this is a welcome addition to the Central District. Locally owned and locally managed - this spot has only been open a month and there was a line out the door when we got there this past Friday night.

Greeted by every waiter and the manager, which to me is so important and a huge part of the restaurant experience.  The staff was happy to be there, the customers were happily eating and the place was bustling.  Thankfully we had friends get there ahead of us, and had saved a table.  They were already munching on appetizers and had ordered the mac and cheese and drum sticks - and I would take a photo but they had already licked the bowls clean!

While waiting for our main dishes we ordered drinks as well as friend green tomatoes, which were tart and yummy and paired with a creamy pimento cheese which made my southern husband happier than a preacher on Sunday! "You people in the Northwest don't appreciate the importance of a good pimento sandwich!" Nope, I sure don't lol.  The atmosphere was bright and comfortable but not too comfortable. They want you to enjoy yourself but don't sleep - because someone is always waiting for your seat!

Now to the food. I have had chicken and waffles served lots of ways. Bone in or boneless, dark meat or light meat, spicy or bland - and the waffles have ranged from thick and dry to crunchy and overdone.  These were PERFECT on both fronts.  

So because its the name of the spot and my dish - I will review my plate first. Let it be known: I COULD EAT THIS MEAL ONCE A WEEK AND I JUST MIGHT.  
Chicken was fried perfectly with just a little spice. BONELESS breast that wasn't too greasy.  TWO, yes let me say it again TWO thin waffles that were the size of a small hubcap.  I was in heaven. You will use ALL of your butter and ALL of your syrup and a little hot sauce if you know how to do it.  It was perfect. I had to resist the urge to eat with my fingers and swoon to a nearby table. 

If I had to add anything I would say MORE syrup or even dispensers on the tables so you don't have to ask for more.

Every single person in our group tried a bite and had the same reaction. A photo doesn't do it justice.

The other three people had sandwiches.  Your choice of fries (which were a think shoe string done just perfectly and seasoned lightly) or beans and rice.  Here are the three sandwiches - which I was told were ALL amazing, done perfectly, dressed generously and HUGE.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich with Pimento Cheese and Pickles (My husbands choice of course) He said "It was perfect. Very few people understand the importance of pickles and pimento paired with fried chicken"
The Fried Shrimp Sandwich with a side of Rice and Beans was ordered by our friend Justin who barely spoke and when we looked over the rice and beans were GONE and the sandwich close to gone. That was testimony enough.
The Fried Catfish Sandwich was ordered by my friend Marika and she said it was awesome - "It was an awesome balance of all the flavors you want on a catfish sandwich, including texture." 
Go to Fats, and if there is a line, WAIT, its WORTH IT. Support local businesses in the CD and support the owners and the neighborhood. Erika the Manager did a great job of making sure we were always happy, while balancing her staff and the to-go orders.  She was laid back and calm during the rush and made everyone feel welcome and like family.  That and those damn chicken and waffles, is why we will be back...maybe even this week lol...

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