Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photo of the Day - Pizza Week - micro review

My husband and I had our own imposed Pizza Week last week and here are my mini reviews:

Monday: Zayda Buddies (Ballard) 4 on the yum scale. Great service, loud trivia and great beers. (Bottom left)

Tuesday: Rocco's (Bell Town) 5 on the yum scale, great service after a wait for our initial drinks. (Top right)

Wednesday: The Masonry (Queen Anne) 2 on the yum scale. Boo don't go there I was so disappointed! Yellow mozz really!? Ew! (Bottom right pic)

Thursday: i made homemade Calzones at home. You will have to ask the people who ate them where on the yum scale they rated 😜 (bottom middle pic)

Friday: Vince's (Renton) 5 on the Yum scale and I have been eating that pizza for 40 years and it's still just as good. (Top left pic) 

Moral of this story. Fun times and great excuse for 5 date nights in a row but we currently both realize how much a lie "I could live on pizza"! Really is lol. #pizza #foodie #foodporn #seattle #northwest #cooking #recipes #reviews #instafood

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