Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tallulah's Seattle - Linda has done it again!

550 19th Ave. E.
Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Anyone who knows me knows I have a deep love affair with Brunch.  Brunch is my sinfully rich, drippy sauce, keep the coffee cup full version of a hot pool boy.  I find any and all reasons to host people at my home for Brunch and literally dance a jig at an opportunity to try the brunch menu at a new restaurant.
When our long time friend Chase Jarvis invited us out to Tallulah's - he had me at "brunch".  He then explained that it was a joint venture between himself, his amazing wife Kate, and Seattle restaurant entrepreneur and "odd fellow" - Linda Derschang.  Being a fan of Linda's knack for creating the perfect dive bar, (which hers all seem to be Seattle staples) and having a special place in my heart for the BLTA and Benedict from her popular cafe - Oddfellows, I was in..WAY IN.  Well that and having the urgent need to fill my vampiric like thirst for hollandaise and bloody marys, I found the nearest free moment on our calendar.  
My husband Ryan (RA Scion) and Chase Jarvis
Tucked away on 19th, in one of the still quaint areas of the ever changing and updating Capitol Hill - Tallulah's has a prime location among other foodie hipster heavy hitters like King Fish and Monsoon - and with its large outdoor windows and patio like vibe - adds a much needed rustic but hip feel to that part of the hill.  Its got the feel of - yes we are cool but not trying to prove it to you, if that makes sense.  They were full to the brim - with a small line of people waiting - and though he is part of the restaurant creative team Jarvis explained "We have to wait like everyone else, but that's okay!" but the crew with smiles and gracious greetings - made our very short wait bearable. Lead to a bright table literally in the center of the restaurant amidst such a variety of clientele, it was a nice change from the sometimes exclusive hipster vibe that some of the foodie spots on the hill tend to give.
Our waiter was a sweet man who brought us water and coffee and temped us with brunch type libations - to which I was tempted but stuck with coffee to nurse the over indulging from the night before. I had read reviews about this place being a big loud and busy - but considering my little hangover, I didn't find it distracting or too loud.  It was bustling, just enough to make you excited to be there. 
Chase told us what he recommended from the short but variety filled menu.  I tend to get overwhelmed with too many options, but I do admit there could have been a few more choices on the menu. We ordered a sticky bun to share while waiting for our food.  It was the kind of pastry that when you go to cut it with your fork, the side of it almost crushes it to the plate because its so soft and the gooey goodness gets stuck to the plate.  Perfect little bite to prepare for what was to come.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict because its one of the dishes I cannot resist trying at a new place that I think will rise to the occasion.   The perfectly poached eggs were served on toasted Brioche - which was a nice change from the normal english muffin, a generous slice of virginia ham and the hollandaise was fresh, rich and well made.  Coupled with roasted potatoes - I was a happy girl, literally savoring each bite like a kid at dessert.

My husband ordered the Flatbread with sunny side up egg, Bechamel and Raclette and Chase ordered the GIGANTIC Lemon Ricotta pancake.  Though I didn't taste either, they looked amazing and both men were pleased, happy and full.  The size of the pancake was so ginormous it could easily be shared between a few people. 

 SO pleased with our meal, the service and the atmosphere.  Excited for warmer weather - as Chase explained all the window lined walls open up
and the dining room turns into a patio. Much like the now gone Broadway Grill did - but with MUCH more space and better and more quaint view.  Linda's little touches - from the music, the family type vibe amongst the staff, the unassuming but cool decor (including a record player - which Ryan immediately inquired if it was operational and then offered to spin live music there during the summer - something that would be amazing if it ever comes to fruition) - she really makes it a lovely experience and one I cannot wait to have again.  Looking forward to trying dinner as soon as possible.

RATING: ***** 5 stars - a MUST

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