Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lunchbox Laboratory - Well worth the experiment!!

1253 Thomas St, Seattle, WA
(206) 621-1090
Open 11am to 11pm Daily
(also have a location in Bellevue)

We decided to give this place a try after some friends, who know our love for good quality food, recommended it to us, saying we would not be disappointed.  (Shout out to the Berg's!!) I must say I had my doubts.

We went to the Lab late on a Sunday, hoping they would be open.  With only a few tables and an hour before close, I was already thinking like a sceptic.  Then I read what was on their sandwich board sign out front:  "where 6 pieces of bacon...is just average!"...and I realized, I was home.  Decorated with vintage and classic old lunchboxes, we found ourselves pointing out favorites and marveling and ones we didn't know existed.  There was an arcade upstairs that we were all very tempted to go up and see, but we told ourselves we would go there next time, when we had more time and they weren't closing.

Our waitress was cute, sassy and fun and didn't give us that "Ugh I was hoping to go home soon" look when she greeted us.  That's always nice.  I quickly ordered one of their vodka infused drinks that looked so fun, the two men had beers, when she asked what kind they just said "Whatevers big, comes in a BIG glass lol" they pounded their chests and carried clubs too.

Our teenager was trying to stop from hyperventilating to give her drink order.  You see she had just read on the menu that they had NUTELLA shakes.  She needed CPR from the cute male bartender immediately she claimed.  She was going to have to settle for the shake, a close second.

We began perusing the menu, so many fun items, so little time!  Immediately the MINI CORN DOGS were pointed out to me.  Brilliance.  We called waitress back over as fast as possible and asked for 2 orders of them.  Bite size corn dogs on a stick. Hand dipped and fried as they are ordered.  They were DELICIOUS and between the 4 of us, gone in 2 minutes.  

The decision as to what burger to order was so difficult.  I am a burger foodie snob.  I admit it. I am constantly on the search for the best burger in the world.  There are categories though, there are trashy middle of the night grease burgers, there are shishi Kobe onion crusted $40 burgers and just sometimes you can find a mix of both.  Something that is messy and a bit greasy but also won't slide through you and has quality ingredients.  Imaginative combinations is a plus, and LL most definitely had that.  They also have things for those not wanting burgers - which oddly neither male with us wanted.

I ordered the Santa Fe Slammer – Super-beef patty, Colby jack cheese, bacon, lunchbox onions, Anaheim green chilies, Papa’s homemade BBQ. They cooked it exactly how I asked, medium rare, more pink than usual.  The bacon, chilies and BBQ sauce were all a perfect dance together.  I wanted a bottle of their BBQ sauce to take home with me!  Tater tots on the side, a soft but lightly toasted bun and ALL my fixings fresh and on the side -  made this one of the best burgers I have ever had.

Those with my group ordered the Dork (and Pork and Duck patty) as well as the Burger of the Gods (key ingredient is the Gorgonzola) and they were all moaning and grinning as they demolished their meals.

I must say - being a bit of a picky restaurant patron - I have high expectations when it comes to presentation and plating.  For a place that specialized in burgers, I was quite impressed with their plating.  Each burger was served on long rectangular plate with the side you choose in a nice bowl, very modern/chic looking.

 Normal restaurants have "specials" well LL has "Experiments" which are not only imaginative and hilarious but most of the time delicious and current event based lol!  For example on this weeks list:
Donald Trump vs. The Birth Certificate --
Dork, Cheddar Cheese, a mix of Sweet Brown Sugar Marsala Onions and Crushed Pineapple, and Pineapple Mayo!  Priceless!!

We enjoyed our meal and service at this joint tremendously and have raved about it to everyone we can!!  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!

RATING! *****  5 out of 5!

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