Sunday, March 13, 2011

Man vs. Food - Its like I'm at Church...

Travel Channel Series

Staring: Adam Richman

"I could eat that!". Something every one of us has said when watching at least one episode of Man vs. Food. If you haven't, either A) you have never seen the show or B) you are an incredibly picky eater with boring eating habits.

Adam Richman is the luckiest man in the world. He has no "special talent", he isn't an expert on fine foods. Hell he isn't even TRYING to be. He is simply a man who enjoys good food, BIG portions and loves celebrating the mom and pop establishments.

If you have never seen the show - this review is for you. Adam's show is based on all the best places in the US to find good, gooey, big, amazing food. And most of the establishments have a huge meal, that is unreal to most and you get a prize for finishing! Adam always rises to the challenge, whether its a 7 layer breaded fish sandwich or a 15 scoop ice cream sundae called the Kitchen Sink! He is MORE than a sport for all types of food. So I guess we could indeed call that a talent.

As an Italian, who was raised with not only a love for food but also a need to express enjoyment while I eat it - this show is truly like church to me. Cooking is a form of worship. I take pride in it and my goal is to make every person happy. Adam is amazing when he eats. He doesn't mind letting grease run down his chin, often uses BBQ sauce as a facial and licking his fingers is a ritual for each episode almost. I almost think there needs to be a meter in which his groans of pleasure and wacky word medleys for what he is tasting can somehow translate into a rating system.

I have often said i could be Adams sister from another mother. I react to food the same way. This is a great show to watch if you plan to travel and want to steer away from the touristy establishments and want to get to the small secrets of each town. The places with changing menus (or no menus at all!), and don't measure their ingredients. Because of this show, I now have a LIST of places to visit in some 10 cities in the US.

They recently did a special series called "The Carnivore Chronicles" that I loved. Being a proud red meat connoisseur, it was a fun series to watch. Sharing the tears when you see that perfect cut of steak, and know its being cooked specially for you. Its very emotional.

Some may say that this show encourages over eating, gorging and obesity. Why yes it does, thanks for that! There are a few things Adam ate for contests that were gross to me and I would bet $100 he went and puked afterward. But that's what makes him a superhero in my eyes. For me its not about gorging on big portions of food. Its about finding the BEST amazing food out there that is affordable to most people - and ENJOYING IT!

The new season coming this fall - me thinks Adam's doc may have put him on a break- he is still hosting, however has asked for videos of people around the US - visiting their favorite local spots. Basically doing what he does. I am sad we will see less of Adam, but excited they are letting the fans get involved. I have a husband who enjoys food more than i do and is from the South - so a video is most definitely in order here!

Watch the show, become and fan, and share in the joy of cooking and eating good food.

Rating: ***** Five stars - anyone who can eat and love so much food is amazing in my book!

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  1. I often wonder what his workout routine is outside of the show. And what his arteries look like. But....I love this show!