Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teddy Bear BBQ - swing and a miss

Teddy Bear BBQ
1000 W. Main St.
Monroe, WA. 98272
TEL: 360-863-3131

Thanks to the phenom that is known as TWITTER...my husband had a craving for what most of the world knows as "Barbecue". Now as a north westerner, when you say, lets have Barbecue for dinner, I respond, Barbecue WHAT? Chicken? Beef? Burger? Hot dogs? My spouse who is from the south knows Barbecue as just one thing, Barbecue pulled pork.

So thanks to the ramblings of "qoolquest" (?uestlove of the Roots) via twitter (he was in the south having Barbecue and raving about it) I came home to a husband CRAVING Barbecue.

We recently had a BBQ place open up in town - so we decided to try it. He went to get the food to bring it home. 30 minutes later, a grumpy man came through the door. It wasn't an emotion I was expecting after purchasing his craving.

He explained that the owner was one of the rudest women he had ever met, and that he didn't care if you had to work all day, have some manners! He also said the entire dinner cost FORTY DOLLARS! This was 2 aprox 18 oz containers of pork, 4 types of BBQ sauce in small plastic containers (the size of a tarter sauce at Ivars), and 3 sides -- which were ridiculously small, and VERY expensive. Plus 4 hoggie rolls wrapper in foil. FORTY BONES was not worth what we got.

At this point I thought -- ok - this pork better be lined with flipping GOLD at this point. Not close. Pieces of soft nasty fat in the pork (if its gonna be there, which I don't mind, make it cooked and crispy!) and because you had to add your own sauce - it tasted like pulled pork that had been garnished, not BBQ that had been soaked and cooked in it.

We were more than disappointed in the service, quality and taste of this BBQ place. I don't need my ass kissed at a restaurant, but if I am gonna drop 40 bills on some meat, we at least expect kindness. Here is a pic:

My rating: * (it was a major disappointment)
I would have rather spent my $40 on McDonalds, and thats sayin something...i hate that place....

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  1. Oh dear. That doesn't sound very good at all. I'm like your husband--"barbecue" means "pulled pork" (or sometimes beef brisket). That's definitely a southernism, though. Is RA's idea BBQ ketchup-based, mustard-based, or vinegar-based?

    The BBQ here in Charleston isn't as good as in other parts of SC but this place is pretty representative: http://www.stickyfingers.com . You can also have them ship you a dinner, though I think the shipping costs are pretty high. But hey, when you've got an incurable craving...